For customers who contact Maccanti Vivai from foreign countries, a series of services are carried out to ensure that they can be accompanied in all respects, including the installation of anti-hail nets or irrigation systems.
This is because often you find yourself having to assist customers who are at their first experience in agricultural matters, so you need to follow them more closely with special attention in the preliminary stages of creating your own orchard.
This type of customer offers assistance that goes from the analysis of the soil and the particular climatic conditions or exposure to sunlight, up to the choice of the most suitable product to ensure longevity to plants that you decide to implant.

In Italy, on average, there is good knowledge in the agricultural sector, unfortunately the same can not be said of any other foreign country. Sometimes it is necessary to make a specific check in assessing the importance or otherwise of installing anti-hail systems, rather than, more simply, more optimized and performing irrigation systems.
In order to guarantee a quality service, Maccanti Vivai usually uses specialized companies in the sector. Collaborating with the greatest exponents of the sector allows us to offer our clients the excellence in response to their specific needs.
Customers who turn to Maccanti Vivai for this kind of services can take advantage of a complete "turnkey" service: we make any system including sprinklers, filtering stations and fertigation control units.
In this case the customer is accompanied not only in the choice of the product or in the plant, but also before, in the study of the most appropriate system to be implemented.

A custom-designed irrigation system is one of the most solid bases for a long life of plants, at the same time the protection given by anti-hail covers sometimes saves the entire crop.

We are present with trusted customers in: Poland, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia and Bosnia as well as Serbia where we have a company owned by us for the development of the Balkan markets, the MACCANTI VIVAI INTERNATIONAL DOO.

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